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Rods Machine Shop


Rods Machine Shop has been going the extra mile with their highly skilled professionals since 1984.Their employees are encouraged to think for themselves and come up with working solutions for unique problems. Rods Machine Shop will design, manufacture, maintain and repair metal products for the marine, transportation, recycling and fabrication sectors If you have a job, no matter if it's large or small, if it's humanly possible to devise and build a solution, the answer is always 'yes, we can do that!’



Rods Machine Shop had only one computer, no Internet and was used only for Simply Accounting and typing documents. They needed to grow their business and since the world is now computerized Rods required networked computers at each desk and needed accounting, client quotes and information to be available to all administration employees in the business. Email also needed to be setup for each employee.



Proactive Media Consultants setup a computer for each administrative employee with the ability to view accounting data, client quotes and company data from any workstation in the building. Installing a server to store and share selected data to all employees that have a username and password assigned to them did this.
Because of the heavy machinery used in the machine shop, which often draws large amounts of electricity in the building, Uninterruptible Power Supply’s (UPS) were installed.
In today’s world of virus alerts and hackers, Rods needed to have reliable data backup procedure put in place and the ability to recover in a short amount of time.

If you value having your business run smoothly and would like to have a documented procedure to recover your systems if something were to happen, then give us a call!


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Rods Machine Shop:

“After years of dealing with people in the computer industry I finally found somebody that I could trust, that’s Herb.
That trust has been earned by the honest way he shows me potential solutions and educates me which is indeed best. “

Ken Millar, Manager